Sweet!  is a great place to celebrate!

Kids love every minute of their unique candy extravaganza.

(Can’t come to our store to host your next party?  It’s ok!  Please check our “PRODUCTS” page for Candy Party Kits.)




Candy Party includes:

  • 90 minute party, fully staffed
  • One Glass bottle soda or lemonade of your choice
  • One customized Glitter tattoo
  • Sandy Candy Taste Test
  • Fun Candy Crafts 
  • A Gummy and frosting filled star with candle to blow out
  • Optional gift opening/note taking
  • Feather Lollipop Indian group photo
  • Feather lollipop of your choice
  • Paper (party favor) shopping bags provided
  • Rates start at $245 package for 6 kids and $25 for each additional child.


DSC_0049Candy Nightclub (Dance Party) Includes:

For kids who love to dance and current pop music, we offer a Candy Nightclub version of our party.  These events are held after-hours at the store from 7-9pm. To set the atmosphere, the store furniture is rearranged to form a dance floor and UFO, strobe and disco ball lights are placed around the store. Guests do a candy craft, a candy game AND each guest receives a glitter tattoo and glass bottled soda/lemonade of their choice!  After the candy activities, there is non-stop dancing and music media playing.  Don’t forget~ we’ve added a Photobooth session to our new 2013 Dance Parties!!  Each child receives a unique wax candy lips, fangs or mustaches and will choose their accessories to dress up for the Photobooth!  Finish the night away with a staff-led dance for all to enjoy!  ($245 for 6 kids and $25 for each additional child)





These parties aren’t just for a birthdays. A Sweet! Party makes a great event for the end of a sports season, a fun time with fellow scouts, a graduation party or any celebration!

*There is a minimum guest count for the parties
*50% non-refundable deposit due at booking
*Candy, activities and sodas are for paid guests only
*Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream Taste Test Activity can be added to any party for an additional fee.  Each paid guest will also receive a 2oz cup of Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream at the end of the party!